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Fez city main attractions
morocco heritage tours

Fez city main attractions

Due to the fact that Fez still preserves its ancient history, it becomes one of the most visited cities in Morocco. Being one of the four imperial cities, Fez city is certainly worth to be visited. Fes morocco travel helps you to see this amazing city with its interesting fes morocco heritage tours package.

The old Medina of Fez

Fes old medina is a stunning area with tiny squares and traditional shops. When you are walking in there; it will be a memorable experience. With the help of your guide, you will discover the old medina small houses and workshops. In addition, you can visit one of the traditional workshops of leather or zellig. You can also recommend a visit to the beautiful Tanneries. The later is where to see clearly how leather clothes are been made.

Al Quarauiyine Library

It is simply a Moroccan treasure. It has been founded in 859 by Fatima Fihri. Al quarauiyine Library clearly shows the beauty and ancient history of Morocco. Not to mention, its magical Fasi architecture that will make you wander in its small details.

Bou Inania Medersa & the sacred Mulay Idriss

Fes morocco travel provides you with morocco heritage tours that start from Fes city. Through this journey, you will discover two sacred places. The first is Bou Inania Quranic old school. The second is Mulay Idriss the sacred beautifully structured place.

The city center & the royal palace

A visit to Fez will certainly include a short discovery of the royal palace. You will have some time to take photos and wander around the palace. In addition, walk in Mohammed V square to explore the center part of the city.

If you are thinking of visiting Fez city, fes morocco travel will be there to arrange an enjoyable visit for you.


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